Manipulation of the News

I am not making a generalisation. But I was meditating concerning the news and opinion that can be generated concerning countries and situations. I was reflecting concerning Iran. Concerning the need for control concerning the nuclear enriching process.

The way to manipulate opinion and steer attitudes toward a certain aim then speak to the nation in the evening news.

The first aim is to convince us that Iran is an evil nation. The eventual aim is war.

The fruit of the news, being negative brings fear.

Am I against journalism, no! I am discerning a subtle manipulation that is occuring. To drive public opinion toward war with Iran.

Is this wrong? Prophetically we know that war in the middle east is a forerunner to the coming of Christ. But we are not all prepared for the consequences. I watched one day videos concerning films that related to nuclear war. It is horrific. So our opinion however it is never counts and reflects on the consequences of our opinion being shaped by dark forces.

We must shelter in the Word. This brings faith.

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