Its not where you meet to have Church that counts, but HOW you have Church

Yesterday I wrote on Facebook and my blog about activation, intimacy and trust in smaller meeting settings.

I was using this insight because of the propogation in many nations of the same attitudes which I have seen.

I wrote about my experience of 1994. But we went onto some principles from scripture.

I was seeking God this morning concerning this. The Lord told me,

I reflected on this statement long and hard. The emphasis not being the PLACE. But it is how we express our SPIRITUAL aspirations. Not every leader has open spiritual aspirations, for some keeping the denomination and its tenets alive is the most important. Hence the emphasis is not seeking God, but designing the best renewal of tradition possible, in that always seeking to stay in the same place spiritually speaking.

I feel as humans there are always two extremes. There is the hyper traditionals who tend to use reason and logic to explain faith, have an ordered programme and structure that has no room for change.

On the other extreme is the hyper charismatic. He sees no need for study, his faith built up on every thrill and goosebump you can possibly get. His faith is based on feelings and sensations. He becomes so way out and out of order that is always changing. Inconsistencies in character are almost overlooked for the pursuit of a “feel good factor.” The end of which abandons the faith for lack of Biblical foundation.

If Jesus were to come to our church today what would He say?

I believe He would show us the value of our works and the weight of character.

The Pharisees when they started were zealous for a revival of attention on the scriptures were the same who missed God’s plan when Jesus came.

We need to use reason and discernment, be lovers of the Word. Its not where we meet, but How we meet.

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