Sunday; reflection on a godless society

I am here waiting to see what is wrong with my car, hopefully it will not be an expensive repair. It is sunday. Strange day really.
For the religious, and believer, it is the expectation of a good meeting. For the unbeliever it is a rest and shopping.

For internet, it is not busy at all. Most people do not use internet on sundays. Just the odd person from Asian countries that do not have this tradition of sundays.

Just seems all so hypocritical, sundays made for church, now it is a rest day. Now where supermarkets that used to be closed. More and more places open as sunday nearly becomes like any other day.

Just like our Christian life. What turns out to be holy and stuck to as a commitment is no longer taken this way. Our sundays being more taken up with worldly matters than spiritual matters.

Its not about sundays, but in the past how we treated sundays and how we treated sunday today, is indicative to where we are going.

Let us reflect what is really important.

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