A new season at Gilgal:Part 1 Introducing the New Season with a new generation


Gilgal literally means “rolled away” . It is where the new generation which had not seen Egypt, but was a wilderness generation, wandering 40 years.

We could say we are in a “wilderness” generation, that is not that we are going nowhere, but we are walking in destiny toward our promise…

The wilderness generation does not share the rebellion and complaining of the former generation.

This generation is a generation that knows faith through frustration in that their fathers frustrated their former life.

When they had ALREADY passed over, came the circumcision.

It was passover. So they were celebrating the first deliverance, from Egypt, now they needed to celebrate the second deliverance: the wilderness. The wilderness, is where we are taught foundational things. Read Exodus 25-32 to see how God taught them. The Lord gave them the PATTERN, the BLUEPRINT for worship, for communion, for being a peaceful and priestly nation. Now, they are being taken from the level of learning to the level of living.

This is where we are now, we are PASSING OVER!!! From the level of spiritual-academic, which is learning, to the spiritual manifestation. The angel appeared, and from this visitation came the circumcision, a setting apart! This was the final place before doing warfare.

Many people get the revelation of warfare, without knowing there has to be a CIRCUMCISION before they can embark on taking territory. We will examine this further. There will be a series of these messages. I hope that ministries reading this will solicit us to visit them to teach them these principles. Like this, they will see the manifestation of this prophetic teaching.

For now we have introduced this theme, now we shall delve into it prophetically, because in that dimension, the decision to accept and receive the teaching, then the manifestation will follow it.

Know this, we are at Gilgal today in every way. Will we allow God to roll away Egypt and the wilderness from us?


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