A new season at Gilgal:Part 2 The value of authority

We looked at yesterday, even touched on the fact that the warfare one has to undertake has to be prepared for. But we touched on the fact that if we are not prepared for it, we will never enter into the next phase of ministry as we know it.

I have come into a very quiet time of preparation, and I know that these messages are going to be the stepping stone to see God with great clarity, move in great power and manifestation in the hour the Word will be taught. This is not pretension, but my experience.

In the hour that they entered into the new season, God had to prepare them to have authority. It is one thing to have faith for Jordan, it is another to have authority for Canaan. This authority has a wider application, in that it fulfils prophetically what God had spoken to Abraham. The Israelites were to be the instrument of judgment on pagan Canaan. For this to happen, God had to deal firmly with the company.

How many of us have come into new dimensions of ministry, and then failed to conquer for lack of preparation? How many of us have deceived ourselves into believing that by faith alone we can enter in and possess what is promised?

Besides, we are to walk in generational blessings. Promises passed down the generations. The baton must pass from one to the next. How many of our prayers, ministrations turn prophetic, in that they are not just for our time but are for generations to come?

For Portugal, God has spoken down the generations, that revival will come. For it to come, it is not just necessary to have faith, but authority to move in it. Hence the “rolling away.”

I reiterate what I said yesterday, I believe the Church is at Gilgal. It is not just for one season, but it is a cycle, which we see in Samuel’s ministry: Bethel, Gilgal and Mizpah.

What is the value of authority? Preparation, fastings, prayings.

We are not talking that our generation is one like Joshua’s in that it is one to execute judgment. No, we are called to exercise judgment in the spirit realm, so that in the earthly realm, souls can be rescued from darkness.

For this to happen, the Church is going through a tremendous shaking right now. This is the “rolling away.” This is the time when God is saying:

It is no longer acceptable for you to be doing My things the way you have always done them, and rely on your own mechanisms, or even revelations that I revealed to you in times past, no, it is a new season I am bringing you into, which has no mechanism, has no machinery, but has the manifest purpose brought into being by the Spirit. I am bringing to nought all human effort, rolling away dependence on men, but that it may not be by might, nor by power but by My Spirit only.

For us to come into authority we must know that it comes to the measure we submit and recognize the seasons (kairos) of God. This authority is prophetically bestowed, as a promise made to older generations passed, but for us to receive it, we must enter Gilgal and see God ROLL AWAY from US all WORLDLINESS, and APPLY FROM OUR WANDERINGS the value of obedience.

The Lord is bringing the Church into a time of possession. For the enemy to leave says James, we must SUBMIT UNTO THE KRATOS HAND OF GOD FIRST…then resist with that Hand working on us and in us. Then, and only then, can it move through us.



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