Isaac or Ismael…its a case of vision

We are enjoying the first sprout of spring here in Portugal after 2 weeks of storms. We are seeing blossom, pinks all over the place.

The days have been sunny and I took the opportunity to walk and meditate a while.

The Lord spoke to me the following:
You can have the following in your ministry, Isaac, which is eternal blessing of personal covenant, or have temporary comforts and lose out on eternal position.

Abraham wanted Ishmael blessed, but what Abraham was forgetting that whilst he had the power to conceive, he forgot that what he conceived was of the flesh. God said He would bless in this life. But would not have the promise.

If we birth the promise we inherit the promise. Therefore if our vision is on eternity and priorities, our ministry will always have Isaac. But if we fix our eyes, our teaching on temporal blessings, we must not be deceived into believing that temporal blessings are evidences of God’s approval.

Ishmael brings conflict. Brings us into the flesh.

What is your vision?

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