Rethinking Church

I am starting a new category of news and current affairs. This is because there is needed dialogue through blogs…blog must spring forth dialogue: or DIA-Blog…

I believe for the most part Church and meetings have got on my nerves. I feel that the word ” fellowship” has got watered down to really mean “attendence to our meeting.” I do not doubt the friendships that are cultivated afterward, but I am sure that KOINONIA has a different depth than the words we use.

I believe that instead of us trying to CREATE fellowship, if the KOINONIA is not there in the first place, then there can be no fellowship created. Then we must ask ourselves if all the meetings, activities are God inspired and directed. I believe not. A marriage is not a marriage until the basic foundation of love and companionship is not guarded and nurtured.

So Church must begin on one confession, Jesus is Lord. From there in a group, is KOINONIA, then the basis for being Church is there…that KOINONIA nurturing an equality of friendship, help, prayer support. This is probably so effective in a small group. Hence many started cell group strategies.

I believe that we DO NOT start a meeting, we have met, and if KOINONIA is flowing, the meeting is no longer known as that, it is a 3 way dialogue, between brethren, and with God. I have seen the Holy Spirit fall in homes, and seen the Lord speak. This is because the Holy Spirit has found KOINONIA flowing. Could it be the thing He looks for?

I think we have it turned back to front!!! We must seek out the KOINONIA. That way we are guaranteed to flow in the Spirit.

We see 1 Cor 11&12&13&14 being foundational chapters to the Church.

This message today has inspired me greatly.

But I just wonder how much of heaven is closed with the lack of Koinonia. I would imagine this to be the case. What about the darkness of ignorance, tradition, and religion that can take place of the Holy Spirit.

How much ministry is shut down, curtailed in effectiveness. How much provision does not flow. Hence we can continue.

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