The Shift

I believe God has heard the cries of His Servants. His Servants cry night and day for the restoration of their “Jerusalem.” I certainly have had my share of crying out, not verbally, but internally.

When even friends, colleagues, pastors and leaders misunderstand you. It is business as usual for them. For God it is not, and He has determined it is not for you either.

This present and deep darkness will turn into the future light and deep enlightenment. The Lord is going to take you from the prison. You are there for His Sake, you are there for a season, you are there for learning patience and faith. You are there to provide foundations for character and motivations. You are there to understand the astute attributes of the Spirit. Not all who say Lord, are the Lord’s. They have their Baal, which is not our God.

Today, it is not about who is who, but about WHO HE IS in us, and through us. It is not about teaching head knowledge either, its about IMPARTATION of spiritual explosions in the spirits of those so seeking God, but easy pray for religious and deceptive people.

The Lord gives you Isaiah 60:1,


Rise: Go into new place in God

Shine; show for the thing that God has done, cross reference Psalm 126.

Your light: Your revealing has come, from the darkness of obscurity and discipline. The Lord has chosen this hour to reveal Himself in you and through you. Places and people who you have dreamed to be working with you.

Last night I had a dream. I saw false prophets, darkness over the land. The Lord told me in the dream that I was to go in His House, then He would deal with it. One came to me and said, I am going to prophesy against these deceptive prophets, I said: “No, I am going to obey the Lord. I am going inside and let the Lord deal with it. ”

Deal with it, He did. There was a massive storm, and all the cloud of prophets, demons, and confusions went up, swept up by the Spirit, and went off into the distance, as I looked through the safety of my window. Then all of a sudden there was SNOW, white snow. Showed me how PURITY then covered the land. Peace and joy. Lightness.

This is that season. Receive the impartation.

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