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Internet and Ministry

There is nothing like personal contact. The internet cannot substitute this. I have been involved in internet connecting with other ministries since 1999. It has been very rewarding but I have yet to see it have the effectiveness of personal contact. I have had my share of false people. I have also made some lasting […]

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Need for an army of intercessors

Just think if 1000 intercessors joined together in a campaign for the Nation of Portugal, praying for breakthrough, travailling and warfaring until God gives the assurance that the prayer was answered? That is what He wants. Ministries here are prevented from full ministry through poverty. One pastor from the south said that he was nearly […]

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Prayer for Ian Johnson (New Zealand) His Amazing Glory Ministries

Please pray for Ian Johnson. We had him here ministering with us. He is needing to get back to Israel from here, Portugal, via Frankfurt. As you know there has been chaos because of the volcano eruption in Iceland. From Israel he will return to New Zealand. We ask you to pray with us. Lord, […]

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Urgent message

We are asking for prayer, for a special prayer network for our ministry. Our car burned out last week, and do not have the finance for the repair bill. The vehicle is necessary for ministry and family. Pray that God provides rapidly. Amen?

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From Passover to Pentecost

The Lord has just opened out to me something exciting and describes much of what is about to happen in ministry. If you read this, be like Mary. Guard it in your heart. The Lord is about to remove from us the “closed heaven” season. A light from heaven is about to open and shine […]


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IPHONE Project

We are needing a Iphone urgently to test out our IPHONE mobile apps. What apps are we developing? 1) Facebook app 2) Twitter app 3) Bible study app 4) Office programs app, for text and presentations. We have an option on a phone for 300 euros. If you can help, send to our Paypal ( […]

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Part 4: The Necessity of the Upper Room: Two distinct Seasons

The messages for me are ministering a whole new understanding. One that if we meditate and act on it, will revolutionize our faith. The two areas, seasons presented are: 1. Breathing on and In Season 2. Pouring out season. The first season was 40 days in duration. Can be shadowed in the OT by the […]

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Part 3: The Necessity of the Upper Room:Dealing with failure

In this, the Lord is speaking. I had hardly finished my last message when the Lord talks to me concerning an issue which confronts every one of us. We must first deal with two concepts of success and failure. What do they really mean? First success in the worldly sense is failure in the Word’s […]

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Part 2 the necessity of the Upper Room: Breaking Ambition

This weekend has not been easy for us, as the economic has hit hard here in Portugal. We live for the ministry, and if we are in itinerant ministry even harder is the feeling of being alone. It is a temporary season. God has told us this. I was meditating on all this when Jesus […]

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Need Iphone

We are constructing a beta hub service for Iphone, to include Betas for Iphone, making apps for Iphone. We need Iphone for testing the Iphone apps. Anyone who can contribute 300 euros to our Paypal account would be investing in a venture that will generate an income. Our Paypal can be found on or […]

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