Part 1 The necessity of the Upper Room: The Confrontation

The Last Supper is an happening in the end of Jesus’ mission that we see mainly sometimes in a traditional eye. This is, that Jesus gathered the Disciples for last minute counsel and last minute guidance. The fact is, there was a veil that had to be broken. That veil could have sparked off a revolutionary movement which could have sparked off a revolt against the Roman Empire.

When you think of Gaza and Israel today, and the problems they represent today, has not changed. The same scenario of oppression, political suffocation, and old rivalries remain. Jesus’ mission was shrouded in misunderstanding by revolutionaries. Was disbelieved by religious leaders who needed to maintain the status quo.

I believe that the Last Supper is the meaning between the faith being a foundation of a Kingdom that rules by love and a movement that has political aspirations.

Jesus’ very act of washing the Disciples’ feet is a demonstration of breaking the divide. It goes against all human principle of leadership. It is this human principle that makes the difference between what is the type of Church that is of Jesus’ design, and that which is of human inspiration.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus must come to us again and wash our feet. So many leaders have abused and manipulated the flock. No doubt we need this type of confrontation with the Lord. Peter was confronted. His political and revolutionary ideas were laid bare. Jesus spelled it out. Who does not pass through this process has no part in what this Messiah had come to do. His mission was not political. In fact the very fact that the rejection of Jesus’ mission by Israel meant that 40 years from His crucifixion and ressurrection meant Titus coming in and destroying Jerusalem, the temple of the day. God used it to disperse the Israelites all over the known world.

How many of us today need that confrontation? The fact is if we misunderstand Jesus’ mission we can lose what we have and be dispersed.

The dispersion lasted over 2000 years. How many generations is that? Hundreds.

The Last Supper brings us back…you either enter into the spirit of Jesus’ Mission or you go in your own interpretation. That way you will fall.

The towel is His Mantle, the water is the Word. Our feet is our walk in life. It needs to be changed.

We will continue this theme.

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