Part 3: The Necessity of the Upper Room:Dealing with failure

In this, the Lord is speaking. I had hardly finished my last message when the Lord talks to me concerning an issue which confronts every one of us.

We must first deal with two concepts of success and failure. What do they really mean?

First success in the worldly sense is failure in the Word’s eyes. And failure is seen as a complete deficiency in the world’s eyes, but a doorway to eternal success in the eyes of the Word.

We must return to the Upper Room.

They had lost their leader. Their vision, hope was broken. There was only one route, go back to their lives as they were before they were called to follow Jesus.

It is at this point that they entered into total unbelief. Thomas was not the only one. But at that moment, when doors and windows locked, Jesus appears.

Let us take heart!!!

In the moment of deepest failure, darkness, lostness, Jesus appears. He tells us to touch Him, to take in His Peace, and receive His Spirit, so that we begin to understand that all our mission is in the Spirit, it is not building anything visible. When we do that we are bound to fail. Rather we build in the Spiritual, and it is manifest at the right time.

Paul puts it this way, what is unseen is eternal.

That is our success. We must rightly discern what is true sucess and true failure.

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