Part 4: The Necessity of the Upper Room: Two distinct Seasons

The messages for me are ministering a whole new understanding. One that if we meditate and act on it, will revolutionize our faith.

The two areas, seasons presented are:

1. Breathing on and In Season
2. Pouring out season.

The first season was 40 days in duration. Can be shadowed in the OT by the 40 days that it SHOULD have taken to get to the Promised Land. The second Season was 10 days to full manifestation.

Jesus breathes on them: For regeneration
Jesus breathes in them: For Revelation.

The whole mission of Jesus was to enter into a new phase. Heavenly and spiritual. This new phase is to build up a new spiritual priesthood. Started from the Upper Room.

We need a time of regeneration. For our spirit to be generated AGAIN, after being broken, after being in failure and lostness. This way Jesus takes us into a new realm of being. We live and have our being in a new dimension.

Then we are READY for receiving heavenly information. We can perceive it, and flow with it. 40 days they had the Word, their understanding opened up.

Once we receive the revelation, we are prepared for transitioning for receiving the final season in the Upper Room. Empowering. It is from there that the Upper Room is no longer a place to venerate, but a spiritual place to experience.

We must walk out 50 days, to the full, not trying to rush Jesus. Because what God terms success is to walk out with patience and faith the preparation that Jesus sets out for us.

That way, our earthly WAYS are dropped off from us, and our earthly MIND forsaken in favour of a new mind, that is Christ’s: Phillippians 2:5.


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