From Passover to Pentecost

The Lord has just opened out to me something exciting and describes much of what is about to happen in ministry. If you read this, be like Mary. Guard it in your heart.

The Lord is about to remove from us the “closed heaven” season. A light from heaven is about to open and shine down on us.

Just as Israel went down into the depths of the sea, Jesus went down to the depths of the earth, so we have gone down to the depths of our minds and spirits.

The Lord has heard the outcry of His Covenanted people. He is sending a Moses order to bring out His People!!!

I saw the Lord appoint the Day. That Day has come. The Lord will roll away the stone of death, where the enemy thought he had caught us. Now the first streaks, rays of light are falling into your spirit. It is time to walk out, it is time to see the sea brought over your enemy.

Passover is that: passing over! The Lord is declaring to you that the waters have been divided for you in this season, are about to close. Step into the land God is taking you to. Step out of Egypt.

As Jesus had a new Body, so you are going to come into a new dimension. Now the fullness of the Word is coming into manifestation. Now is a window of preparation time. Where there are no limits, you are in time about to be endued with power of First fruits.

Rejoice because that day has come. You shall see it. You shall sense it. You shall know it.



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