There is a new day to enter into His Rest

I am coming into a new season, which is to bring me the type of success that God wants. The type of life God wants me to lead. I came to a wonderful conclusion: we ACHIEVE MORE BY DOING LESS AND BEING MORE. I also came to the conclusion: GOD HAS ALREADY COME INTO HIS REST, WHY DO WE STILL KEEP STRIVING?

God has already invited us through David to ENTER into His rest. Not our rest, but His. What sort of rest is this?1. It is already established2. We are already established3. The Kingdom is already in operation4. Destiny is in our spirit. It is not about DOING, THE TITLES, BUT ABOUT FUNCTIONING FROM THE PEACE AND NATURE OF BEING, the same which God has determined for Himself and for us. 

May seem philosophical, but the clearest example is the story of Mary and Martha where Mary is the BEING and Martha being the DOING AND PLEASING. Jesus was pleased with Mary’s devotion and not so attentive to what Martha saw as important in the doing. I am still learning, because my whole being is programmed to DOING, and not so much for BEING.You think about it, many accuse Christians of being hypocrites, but when you think about it the human race is hypocritical when it cannot get round the being and doing question. Being, is having our being in Him.

 The other example is Peter on the roof…meditating on the Lord, and the Lord being able to speak to him. How much more when we stop running. Recently an author wrote a book called “Ordering your Private World.”It was about living life from your inner man. Also a 14th century author wrote “The Cloud of Unknowing” who cites the fact that the contemplative life is a higher life in which our abandonment of love brings us beyond the veil of our achievements and religiosity. I tell you, this is an enormous release. 

There is a new day today. To enter, to come into, His Rest, not ours, but His.

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