There is a new day…

The new day comes…the dawn begins after the DARKEST HOUR! The darkest hour is our REST HOUR, physically speaking. Then the faintest streak of light comes and grows. Hebrews 4 tells us of the rest of that NEW DAY. It is coming in your life by REVELATION. It takes us a long time to catch the idea!

The new day shows us that a NEW OPPORTUNITY has been given to us. God is GIVING US A NEW OPPORTUNITY…

For what?

A new opportunity to get it RIGHT…


The first thing we do in the day is WAKE UP…yes, we must awake to our privileged position in Christ…it is time to awake to the fact that the new day is BORN with JOY.

Hebrews 4 tells us that God spoke to us through David of another day…not a sabbath of rules…but a sabbath of being..that is JESUS CAME IN AS THE NEW SABBATH…not of doing NOTHING…BUT RESTING IN OUR PRIVILEGE as sons.

Here we must remember the parable of the PRODIGAL SON. The first eldest son never experienced true sonship…he confused it with servanthood. He never expressed LOVE…but only SENSE OF DUTY TO HIS FATHER.

Therefore, never enjoyed his father’s love nor understood it.

We can get so programmed with ministry and activities. But when revival comes we fall in love with our Father anew.

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