Portugal Fire! Update on Portugal

I think its pertinent to bring you all up to date on our situation here in Portugal.

Since the financial collapse and financial rescue of 120 billion euros of Greece, the uncertainty spread over to Spain and Portugal. It was a time with the IMF began to dictate rules of sustentability of this country.

We are already hard pressed. We already have seen members in our congregations become unemployed and hence local Church income has plunged. What can ministers and ministries do?

Some of us followed our vocations down a very specific line. In fact many have abandoned the belief in the full time ministry. Hence pastors and ministers work here 14-16 hours a day and pastoral care is done through the pulpit. You and I know this is not the kind of ministry nor lifestyle God designed for His servants.

But times have changed. What is our approach?

1. Innovation: The local church has to pioneer new structures of ministry and financing. I.e not be centered on spending money on buildings and expenses regarding buildings. We must see that the 5 fold is PEOPLE based not building based.
2. Visionary: We have to step up our activities both in teaching and prayer to ground everyone in the vision. If we let our vision die through adverse circumstances, we allow depression and stagnation come in.
3. Body Ministry: we must activate the saints into the gifts and ministries. An active Christian in both ministry and vision will sustain the ministry in every way. When they are reduced to listening and tithing they soon lose hope in the time we are living. We must equip and instill in the saints a new spiritual self-esteem.

I believe with these 3 keys we will sustain our people and ourselves through these difficult times.

Portugal Fire! Ministries is doing this as a tool to combat the crisis. There is a general sense among many of uncertainty. Character is no longer important than mere survival.

We are helping pastors in these areas. Help us also with your seed by sending your seed through Paypal on radurose@aol.com . Through the 3 areas outlined we will get through this depression.

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