Europe: a Prophetic view

Dear all,
This is a very urgent post, one I am feeling in my natural self as well.

Many here are Americans and maybe not aware of the major shifts in Europe now. Starting with the UK, we have a major explosion coming as the deficit in the UK will far outweigh what happened in Greece. Greece was on the verge of national bankrupcy. 120 billion euros was loaned to shore up the economy. Both Spain and Portugal have come under fire for their own international debts.

It is obvious that very hard times are on their way. It is needed a clear prophetic voice to speak thoroughly and Biblically. It is going to be hard, but God is going to provide miraculously.

But what is needed is not a survival attitude amongst ministries, but love and compassion. With the current division, there cannot be any alternative to the economy than bankrupcy.

But the Church is supposed to be a Joseph in our time, bringing wisdom and prophetic understanding in preparation for the dark hours. I may be wrong, but I get the sensation when I pray that this crisis is MAN made…it is a manipulation on governments to strangle them and wish for a one world currency and a one world government. It is indeed a wicked system, manipulated by the few and governments are manipulated by this group. They hold debts in their hands, and can call them in at any time. This means bankrucpy, means bowing down to the group for mercy and a imprisioning to mammon.

Mammon is a demon. It is more than money. It is a manipulative entity. It controls destiny. Jesus says we need to be free.

What can we do?

We need to ask God to raise us as a Church to be a storehouse, and to be a safety net for the poor. God blesses this.

Please send me feedback.

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