Portugal Fire! Ministries important message

Dear all,
The message is that good times are ahead if we put into action that the Bible tells us in a crisis.

For us we are needing right now 500euros to keep afloat. We are needing also partners not just keeping from crisis to crisis.

These partners have the benefit of investing in our economic/spiritual model not just for Portugal but for the hub of World Fire! Ministries all over the world.

Our website http://www.prayer-revival-initiative.com is offline. We are needing urgent deposit in our bank of £20 for this.

Please respond to this post. It is not to keep afloat, but to keep obeying the Lord. He can do it all if He wanted but He has chosen the faith to receive and the faith to give to bring the fruits of faith’s equality, which is a miraculous increase on all concerned.

You can write to us if you desire to partner with us on radurose@aol.com . Or if you desire to send your seed you can through Paypal radurose@aol.com being the email associated.

We thank you for your time.

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