Crisis, an excuse for everything

I was reading a newspaper that comes from Porto. Jornal de Noticias. There are some good columns there.

The other day the President accepted from Parliament the new legalisation of marriage and adoption by homosexuals, saying that it was convenient to legalise to avoid a greater crisis in the country.

So crisis is the key word! We can have a perfect excuse not to pay the banks our mortgage based on economic crisis! We can rob banks, when in court we can allege extreme poverty led us to extreme measures!

We can do all kinds of things and put the most perfect excuse.

How about the Church?


We can excuse ourselves on lack of compassion and Christian social action on the crisis. We must work to survive.

What about leadership?

We can justify the lack of innovation and vision on having the necessity to consolidate and maintain than innovate. Innovation requires a cutting edge, a vision, and the discomfort to row against the tide called the majority,

Being a pioneer means you have to distrust your allies and embrace your enemies. Because it is very often that you get attacked from within your own camp. Whilst some who are your enemies begin to admire and respect. Let us not use excuses!!!

The human being is so complicated, and Christians even worse. I find the most bigotted people are those who mind is set and whose heart is closed behind dogma and position. All the things Jesus broke in the Upper Room. He washed the disciples feet to demonstrate that the lower we go in the world, the higher we rise in the corridors of Heaven.

This is true because Jesus presents us with the rich man and Lazarus. Lazarus is the beggar in this life, who gets to rest in the faith of Abraham. Interesting that it is Abraham who is mentioned, not Moses.

That is because Moses’ law never saved anyone, but Abraham believe and it was imputed as righteousness.

So there is no crisis when we delve into the Word. Indeed, this crisis is man made, and has become the level which all are manipulated into mediocrity, a hole for which few have the courage to climb out of.


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