What now?

I am somewhat perplexed this afternoon. I learned that a man of God, well used, fell into an area of sin. The ministry is well known, and today that ministry is closing. Many workers without a salary, a future.

What now?

All the cds I have bought from that ministry, the literature I have…left a empty feeling. Can i hear a cd with a man whose sin is so serious that it will bring it to mind.

What now?

How am I to think of him? What must it to be like to be found out, having to be pushed into a publish confession of sin. Find that who were friends have deserted you. You find yourself alone. Your family looks at you differently. It seems you have contracted a disease. Everyone knows and speaks about it.

What now?

Lord you seem so far away! What happened? What I had fell away in hours.

What now?

What fell earlier from our lives, the fame all gone, the money has gone. Has saved our soul from eternal salvation.

Lord have mercy on us all!

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