Revival Impact for Northern Portugal

This is the second time I tried to post this. But again we try.

We started seeing some movement spiritually after Ian Johnson came from New Zealand announcing a vision of the angel of Portugal. The angel in question thumped the ground precisely in the north of Portugal, bringing out an ornate vessel. This vessel spread about 168 coals, or seeds.

From this wind, shofar blowing, we have seen our young people from different churches and cities begin to rise up.

The other friday I was visitted by the Lord announcing the coming of a mighty revival, starting with the young people.

We are now preparing for the annual summer camps at Quinta da Paz, near Penafiel Northern Portugal. It is not just going to be the same old routine, nor has it ever been. But there is something about this year which will be very different. The Impacting presence of the Glory is about to hit.

We are praying for Jan Ennis who has the vision and is the owner of the Quinta. We believe that the team with him, who will undertake 4 gruelling weeks, physically speaking, will be surrounded by the nations praying for them.

We are also praying for a camera, to film, and an available server so we can stream the meetings all over Portugal, and reach other Portuguese speaking countries. We believe that this will make the live coals of glory spread over the nations.

We do not want to hype it up…NO… We desire revival, we desire that all children and young people come into the New Wine that God wants to pour out.

Join us in it.

Pray for us.


Russell Durose

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  1. #1 by Patrick Enega on June 9, 2010 - 9:05 pm

    Greetings Russell, may the Lord reward your labour of love. Your consistency to see the outpouring of God’s Spirit upon Portugal is quite encouraging. May your eyes see the travail of your soul. Amen. Great work. Keep pressing on. Keep in touch.

  2. #2 by Russell Durose on June 16, 2010 - 11:02 pm

    patrick, right now God needs to send angels of fire here, to quell the stronghold activity. strongholds will only come down as the church unites: pray for this

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