Grasping the dimension that Abraham walked in

I was studying Romans 4 yesterday. Posted here last night. Today I had an experience hard to explain, but I can only explain it as being the sensation that for moments heaven touched the earth.

I then turned to Romans 4 then into 5, in that I began to hear the Lord speak to me, concerning the importance of Abraham’s walk with God, and the similarity of the “human” Jesus. Interesting eh? Well we saw that we have an entry point into GRACE/FAVOUR through Faith. Abraham’s faith could only be through Him who swore an oath on Himself, that He fulfils all promises.

The access point of FAITH always makes something happen. Abraham is “saved” by faith, his faith generating a messianic line, which is the source of our salvation. We see that the miracles of Jesus corresponded with the faith of those who received.

I got to thinking further. I turned to Hebrews 11. We see a vision, we see Abraham in two worlds…
1. The world: desert
2. The spiritual: the celestial city

I got to think about the eternal desire of God, fellowship. That city speaks of it. That is why death was never designed for man. He was meant to enjoy eternal fellowship with God.

So as Abraham journeyed in the contradiction he was prophetically carving out the access point. The celestial city.

The enemy is doing everything to destroy and distract us from this wonderful dimension. Simply, Jesus came to do what Abraham started. Bring to Abraham not just physical seed, but spiritual. This seed becomes SEED through FAITH.

So as much as the life of Abraham outwardly remained a mystery, he was mapping out as a forerunner of Christ the road of FAITH being the road which brings us out of DARKNESS of ignorance and solitary and orphan state. Brings us into true fellowship. This true fellowship starts with Christ. From there comes true fellowship which we access by FAITH.

When faith disappears, fear, enters, and conflicts begin.

So in conclusion we must grasp the heavenly significance of Abraham’s call, so that we see that it perfectly is acted out in Christ and the Church.

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