Higher and Revealed dimension

Today I had gone into Romans 4. I was not prepared for the depth of the visitation that was afforded. It was awesome!!!

I tell you. What we see is faith. The promise being passed from generation to generation by prophetic transference. The seed was given to Abraham in strategic encounters with Yahweh.

It is received with faith, (v16) so that Grace can be given. Our faith is the open door which places us immediately in the favor and priveleged places in God. The seed is not just physical generations but spiritual generations, brought in by the action of the rhema word in a given Kairos, within Kronos.

We are made free from law when we exercise faith. Wow!!! That in itself is a revelation!!!! When we exercise fear, we are under law…we must do…we must be…

That is a lie, because we do not do, Jesus did it for us! Then we are because of faith. Whilst Abraham believed and was counted a just man, we are counted in our faith in a complete work: Calvary, and Ressurrection.

God quickens the dead! Only where faith is exercised!

He has made us fruitful in the measure of our faith. One seed and a percentage of fruits… If we have little faith, no or little fruit. Sometimes what we produce is works, not fruit. Works pertain to what we do, not what we are, fruit is what we are…flourishing and feeding those who are starving around us!

What is the seed? Fatherhood…transmitting the seed generationally. Passing down not only anointing, prophetic declaration, but godly example.

When it is hopeless, despair all around Abraham chose to remain in his faith! His dying body, was changed by his faith. He was given seed, and Sarah given power to conceive fruit. So we must be both Abraham and Sarah, transitioning the seed, conceiving fruit. Seed must bear fruit. No seed, no fruit.

Our language changes…we know we planted in the invisible realm of the Spirit the seed God gave us, His Promise. We speak as though we are pregnant people, knowing new life flowing through our veins.

We do not, should not, consider our condition. We should not even think of what we are not, because God responds to our faith, giving us new and living seed to give and new and living womb to grow it, until it manifests in the appointed time.

Abraham made no considerations, so he did not stagger. But gave God the glory.

Churches strive and struggle, and are poor because they have not become free of the law. The law saves noone. There are no rules. The Spirit Himself teaches us His Law…not doing but BEING which comes from depending on Him.

Who walks in faith, can err greatly but is spared condemnation. Because he has learned of himself the law condemns, but of faith, he is made just because of Christ.

What freedom!

Sin therefore has no attraction, and does not struggle against us, because we are no longer living in the condemnation of the law and its dictates. Therefore his habits and self dependencies die away because he finally attains the consciousness, I cannot do anything to please God, or do good outside of that faith.

Without faith it is impossible to please God, yet we have through Christ received the seed of Abraham! Therefore we are freed.

More to come!!!

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