The celestial city of Abraham comes down from heaven in Revelation

Before I go to bed…a human necessity for rest, I must share this.

Hebrews 11 shows us, opens a window of how Abraham found the Promised Land. Through heavenly vision.

A principle: ministry is arrived at through walking in heavenly vision.

It is not forced, it is opened out to us by our obedience to His Call. The call is first separation from Babylon, to be a separate people. Babylon means CONFUSION. That is NO VISION, but many echoes of our flesh!!!

So God took Abraham from confusion and showed him communion.

The celestial city of Hebrews 11 is further revealed in Revelation 21. We see it being unveiled, comes down from the heavens to this dimension. We see a firstfruit of this in Acts 2, when the Spirit CAME down because JESUS went UP. The Spirit came to bring the firstfruit of what Revelation 21 shows us to be the fullness. That is firnly founded in Ephesians 1. God reveals that the SPIRIT coming down is the guarantee of that full manifestation of that which descends.

Our eyes must not be on this dimension, nor on our brothers for the sign. No, our vision must be set on separation to have the vision opened out for us individually so that we can come into full fellowship of that which descends as a firstfruit, the Spirit.

So we are seeing what on the earth today? I tell you it is CONFUSION. Look up, because what is about to be revealed is quite the opposite. It is ORDER and PERFECT harmony. Rejoice, because your redemption is about to be manifest.

This vision gives Abraham the strength to walk through the desert to a land designated to eternal purposes.

Jerusalem is the only city that is coming down from heaven. That is why the devil is playing havoc there today!!!!

Jerusalem is the only major capital without a river running through it now, because when the heavenly descends God will be her river!!! Revelation 22.

We have largely not grasped who was Abraham. I have just grasped it, its amazing to me…and I am receiving now all he had.

You must do the same.

You may be in a ministerial desert right now. But your God is about to open your eyes, and what is in heaven, already designated is about to come down in front of you. You will gain new force to prepare a place for the Lord within generations and nations!!!!


Russell Durose
Portugal Impact Blog

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