The Jerusalem that needs to be established and Zion. Isaiah 62

This is the second time I have written this, the program blocked up..such anointing, such visitation. And boooommm was gone!!!

My wife was doing a message for my inlaws on Isaiah 62, when I was out resolving problems. But I began to be drawn by the Lord to the passage myself having been told what was spoken about.

Verse 1 speaks of Zion. Zion is a place where heaven touches the earth. We see this same place as the place where Abraham out of love and sacrifice offered Isaac, and a substitute lamb was found. It is here that David brings the ark orderly and the glory comes here to rest.

We see Zion as a place desired by the captives in Babylon. They ache and aspire for it. Zion, the place of glory, accessible. And yet verse 1 speaks of not holding our peace. The exhortation is the not holding our peace concerning Zion’s restoration.

Surely Zion, has been glimpsed down the centuries. We see in many revivals the close resemblance of the glory. Its like the lamp spoken here, which should never be left to go out, but that the olive oil should be constantly dripping into the lamps. What spiritual significance this is, just leaves one in awe!

In one of Kathie Walters’ books: “Bright and Shining Revival,” she relates from facts she was able to gather from the Hebrides Revival of 1949, the events in Barvas, that barn, where the “mount” was glimpsed. When the prayer was offered: Who can ascend the mount of the Lord? The response was waves after waves of glory which spread from the barn that morning, to the island.

Zion should be sought for. We should be praying and seeking for.

For Jerusalem also, we shall not rest. For Jerusalem symbolizes the community of God. What Abraham saw in Hebrews 11. The heavenly vision. A community of Levites and Priests, holding their station as ones chosen by the Lord. For when we see transitions, glorious ones, from the accessible and spontaneous glory of David’s Tabernacle, and the order and majesty of Solomon’s Temple, where the whole weight of God came down.

Two things go forth. Righteousness and salvation. Abraham was made righteous in his believing. Genesis 15:6. And by faith that righteousness is made accessible. But Romans 10:3 shows us that Jesus is the way of righteousness. How sad that they rejected. And when Jesus gave up the ghost the temple curtain was rent in two to show and shameful emptiness and devoid of any glory.

How many today have constructed their “holy places” and put up curtains in their traditions! Yet Jesus comes to tear up and show up their emptiness.

Salvation is the second thing that goes out, bringing a process into fruition of replacing corruption and sin into purity and incorruptable realities. The replacement takes place in our days.

We will not rest until God establishes Jerusalem. It is here that God chooses to establish a meeting place with eternity. Jesus being rejected and taken out of the city limits, will come in again.

We see in Zechariah 12:10, how a spirit of grace/favour and supplication shall be poured out. Sounds like revival to me. And it says: “And they shall look..” They shall be given a holy vision of the Messiah whom they rejected, wounded and despised. They shall mourn indeed. So Jesus shall be revealed in that city. Because eternity in Revelation 21 shall come down.

We see that Jesus’ feet shall touch the mount and He shall go into Jerusalem to set up His Kingdom.

That is why we cannot rest. Because Jerusalem is the eternal meeting place. It is a constant thread throughout scripture. It is a lamp that never goes out.

Maybe revivals die out because they never press into seeing into the heavenly vision. Maybe they would understand that Zion must be reestablished with God’s conditions. No crazy attempts to “bring in the ark.” Without proper guidelines and the fear of the Lord.

We need to pray that the universal Church grasps the “prophetic spirit” of Jerusalem as a community of priests, levites and congregations. Whose sole existence is for the Presence of the Lord.

Zion we need to intercede for, and not rest until our vision of Jerusalem is focussed. Not the city today, but that which descends.

Once we do that surely our lamp will never cease to burn, brightly, with a constant flow of oil.

As you can see I got no further than verse 1. The other thing. Even though this program gave an exception error, the Spirit made me remember everything of the first.



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