Isaiah 62: Message 2 The Gentiles shall see

Isaiah 62:2 “And the Gentiles shall see your righteousness;”

The mystery unfolds in this second message on this wonderful chapter of the Prophet Isaiah. The Lord opens out a new mystery. The unthinkable. The inclusion of Gentiles in God’s covenant.

Only Isaiah and Simeon glimpsed this eternal mystery. If I am correct. Simeon is the man who prophesies over Mary and Joseph when Jesus was presented.

The verse is revealing not what they see but WHO. They are seeing Christ. They are seeing a Israelite Messiah include the Gentiles through a temporary rejection of Israel through their unbelief. Paul talks about this in Romans 9&10&11.

Paul unfolds this eternal mystery, because to the unspiritual and ignorant, that God could not do anything consistent with His People called Israel. Rather Paul sets out the eternal plan of God called INCLUSION. It has been used in the case of Rahab the woman of Jericho who housed the spies, and Ruth, grandmother of David. Now God is opening up a great inclusion. The Gentiles.

Now the question is HOW they see. They see by FAITH. They hear the message and they see. God opens their eyes, which the Prince of the Air had closed. And when through Christ we profess faith we enter into the INCLUSION. Praise God for that.

I was meant to send this out this morning. Life is so tough at the moment, that concentration on higher matters is very difficult, for which I ask your prayers. These kind of messages require the Lord to come and to elevate us about the inconstancies of circumstances.

We are needing urgently 300euros for provisions and to pay urgent medical and ministerial expenses. We live trusting God for our sustenance. We ask that you pray about sending us help via Paypal using as the reference address.
I hope these messages are blessing you.


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