Job Generation

Another post on Job.

Job is the eternal mystery between the role of suffering and blessing in the life of the believer. We readily preach on faith, but how do we present the message to a congregation who are tired of suffering all that is contrary to their hyper faith indoctrination? Faith is not just for escaping the trials, no, it is there to give us the STRENGTH AND GRACE in the midst of them. We all want our share of comfort, but suffering kills off the  human flesh, makes us broken.

My wife has been reading a book on brokeness and it has been enlightening to know that we are far from being truly broken in the sense of the word. The type of brokenness which brings us IMMEDIATELY INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD.

If I remember right, Job suffered the counselling of his three friends for a number of weeks, spouting about the fact of his suffering being a result of his sin. How wrong they were! And how quick is human nature to judge by appearences.

The gauntlet had been thrown down by the devil…in the face of God. God’s protection of Job, His Blessing Job was making a selfish being out of him. Only serves God by what he gets out of Him. This being the lie of course.

In the end and I am sure it was like this, Job could not stand the human wisdom any longer, cried out with his entire being; “I KNOW THAT MY REDEEEMER LIVES…” and with that the devil left the audience room of God and in shame…Job proved him wrong…

The Loving God came down causing Job to forgive and pray for his friends, for their folly, and God took up Job and healed him and set him back on his feet. And gave him more than he had before.

There is a Job generation among us…

Whilst many flock to meetings for a blessing, there are others who in silence suffer the gauntlet of the devil. Soon their heart cry will come forth, and in the same way they will be healed and recompensed and given what is known as complete rest. Let the Lord hear our cry…for suffering is but for a season, but the blessing afforded lasts an eternity.-


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