This time has been the most heart searching and heart rending in many ways…I do not know how to express what I am going through, but we take people for granted at times when they are here, but when they are sick, or absent from us, do we value them. I am sat away from my family, and sickness has also played some part in our lives. I find myself teaching others faith, but find myself also in wanting too…how can that be?

We have had some very PROFOUND episodes the last 2 weeks. Someone very close, in a very very precarious situation said that even though they heard the worst, God would respond to their faith…my heart bled…because I know God looks for this in each one of us, even when the going is good, but when its tough it is often we stray off the path, blame God, become bitter. Job lost everything, his home, his family, even his health. The eternal mystery is that WHY does this happen to good people?

What we do not know that in the unseen realms God presented to the devil Job’s example, and the devil told God to test Job. His integrity was based on WHAT GOD GAVE HIM. Not love. God allowed satan to tempt him sorely, right down to the sores in the skin. An unclean man cast out from society. His reputation was shot, and his misfortune blamed on his sin.

Does not that sound familiar to you? Today noone wants to understand the suffering aspect of the Christian life, the need for integrity and consistency. In the end are we believers because of what He does for us, or because of WHO He is? You probe yourself. I have done it. In the most dire of circumstances.

I shall be heading out tomorrow, camps to shortly start.

Pray for us.

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