A Princess that became a Queen

I sit here once again, in the wake of so many happenings the last few weeks. I cannot contain in my heart all that God did this year. Our so called ministry slowed right down, because more intimate needs had to be addressed. Those needs passed from time into eternity.

My wife made an extraordinary tribute to her mother, Maria Helena, on Facebook. I made a shorter version in English. The sentiments in my Facebook entry were none the less just as felt as hers.

Maria Helena was more than my mother in law, she was my intercessor, my friend. She was the kind of mother I could wish for. As all of us had faults, we cannot lift up human beings, but glorify God for giving us the privelege to live with a woman of God, who was like a princess.

Last week I wrote here of other experiences, and little did I know that I was to be faced with another heart wrenching and heart moving situation. My wife was beyond just a daughter, but nursed her mother, along with her sister, my sister in law, as well as each family member doing his/her part.

Last week was spent to and fro…Paula urgently departing home to give an extra support. It was obvious something was afoot, yet I, in the Spirit, had a veil over the week. God knows how to prepare us…He knows how to move us through!

I remember many prayer times last week, before Thursday turning for the worse. Tuesday night asking for each member of the family, by name, and embracing. We all knew something was to happen. Thursday Paula called me here at home, as I was doing a course, to say to make a speedy journey to Aveiro as her mother entered hospital.

I arrived and saw her. She opened her eyes as I ministered scriptures. The whole family being there also.

We were told it was a matter of hours or at most a couple of days.

Maria Helena passed away at 6.15pm on Friday 23rd July 2010, to a shock to all of us. The princess of God, graduated to be a queen, climbing the steps of glory into an eternal abode.

I can only say that the absence of her personality, her spirit, has hit us hard. But God saw it fit, to graduate her from the suffering, from this time existence to be delivered from this life’s shackles to the impossibility unlimited realm of heaven itself.

The funeral was held on Monday of this week, in Aveiro Baptist Church, where I had the privelege to oversee the proceedings. I can only say that God moved in Glory there. We were consoled and comforted through the tributes and words that God sent to us. I can only say that day to day we are finding it difficult to depend on our natural faculties. May God help us.

MY word for the funeral was “In the year that King Uzziah died, I SAW THE LORD…” in which God challenges us in our loss to be prepared to see Him. May He come to us anew and lift us beyond the limits of our concepts, and our limitted thinking.

My heart is sensitive as everyone in the Matoso household. May He minister as only He can…


Maria Helena, you were born a princess,

God took you from the south,

To a place where much stages of life were to be lived out,

Where joy was a constant,

Not depending on circumstances,

But a knowledge of your state in God.

Today you are graduated,

No longer a princess,

But truly a royal,

In your eternal abode,

In your eternal rest,

Where tears and anguish cannot touch you…

Your face sparkles as the universe,

Your eyes radiate purity

And your walk through heaven’s lawns,

Shows…finally…you live in eternal destiny.

  1. #1 by Russell Durose on July 28, 2010 - 6:44 pm

    That photo embodies all that she felt…joy…

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