Unfinished Business Resolved Now for new season to come

The Lord visitted me today and has shown me things that will bless you.

He comes to you, and says that there is unfinished ministry and business to do in this short space of time. The Lord says that there are doors to close because He has the Keys of the Kingdom to put into your hands. Unresolved court and business issues, unresolved registrations and purchases are to be resolved now. The Lord says there is little time, He says Get ready…Get ready…pull up tent pegs…its moving time. It moving time means that your comfort zone must disappear.

The Lord says this short pain shall leave you, and you shall come into a place of joy in my Spirit, because I am going to take you to the ends of the earth as a generation with a new spirit and a new anointing, called ELIJAH.

The first manifestation of this will occur in your families, where unresolved relationship issues shall be resolved by the Spirit, not by reason. The Lord says to you, then you will see a STREAM CALLED HOLINESS AND RECONCILIATION shall flow out of your being into the Church which you pastor/belong. The freshness shall pervade your walk daily.

The Lord says after you have no more to resolve I am going to relocate you and take you to the nations with the message, that I am coming soon…very soon. I shall confirm this message with signs and wonders. The Lord says you shall declare my coming to all and even to governments. Some of you shall go to far corners to call forth the wind of My Spirit upon all flesh….the Lord says you shall see a LAST DAY CALL which many millions shall hear and adhere to.

The Lord says REJOICE…my hour has come!


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