Upgrade Your Life

An upgrade is a long awaited process, which transitions files, systems, processes to a new version, bringing corrections, bringing a better performance and smoother process.

How much more with God! He brings us through upgrades in our lives. These upgrades make our lives aligned better, correcting problematic processes. We relate better to the Head who is Christ.

We await upgrades on mobile technology, with great anticipation, how much more in the spiritual?

For this reason we have spiritual seasons called Kairos times. They are new processes of God, installing themselves in our being. They bring us into New Dimensions of glory. Romans 5 tells us about the process of glory:
1. Winning through the process of trials.
2. Gaining experience which brings faith.
3. This faith brings us into eternal hope!

I say wow! This means that God makes us ever new, if we are eternal. It means every trial does not harm us, but hones us into a precious jewel.

What does experience tell us: we trusted God in the past and He delivered us! He will deliver us again!

What does hope tell us? Tells us tomorrow will be better. We will be in greater communion!!! We will be with God…living in greater victory and dominion!!!

So the upgrade we await…a new season. Each kairos works within kronos: kronos meaning time in terms of hours, days, weeks and years. Kairos time is seasons and times. There is no strict timeline to govern the kairos. We must fulfil the conditions. We must be filled with faith and hope.

Await the upgrade as it shall come to you OTA..over the air…which means you need to be attentive…because through the dimension God is sending out a new Word, a new sound.


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