The crucial “yet” of the Christian Life

Habbakkuk spoke in times of great spiritual decline. He spoke in times of famine too. If we collectively see that famine is a symptom of a greater root, we then can treat it well.

The book of Habbakkuk is a book for hard times. It tells us in chapter 2 to write the vision.

Means we need to go back to the root motivation of our spiritual life. How many of us find ourselves mixing our “priesthood” with worldly concerns? Why are we concerned by the portion and not by the power of a selfless life?

We must return therefore to the base motivation. The vision.

We must ask ourselves how did that vision birth itself? How will we implement it? Are we starting to fulfil what God gave us to do?

The best exercise is to write it down.

Chapter 3 tells us our attitude in famine is to rejoice in the Lord for who He is. Then we will walk in new and high places. They will become our portion. They will become our possession.

From there we will have a new vision of what God is doing. Then we shall be secure.

Personal Note:
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These are hard times and your help will enable us to bless others.

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