Focus on your vocation

Focus on your Vocation

Today is a day where instant solutions are sought for. But in the spiritual world, this is not so. The changes we seek have to be secured in prayer. Very often in prophetic ministry I learned that when God would say “now” it could be 3-6 months. A day to God can be a 1000 years and a 1000 years be a day. I am sure that the Hebrew mindset would embrace these principles. Hebrews would understand the wisdom of reading the times (kronos) and the seasons (kairos).

This present kairos is set against a crisis of morals and of resources. Today we can easily be drawn off our path into a pursuit of comforts, pleasures and temporary solutions. Very often these temporary solutions include debt. Buy now pay later. Somehow we have transported this into the spiritual dimension. Just that the results are disastrous.

Today Pastors and itinerant ministers are seeing that contributions and tithes are falling at a steady rate, leaving many asking the question: could it be that vocational ministry is finishing?

I have reflected much on this and have come to the conclusion that:

1. Never before should we be committed to our call than today…we should not change our vision because of circumstances. Rather we should fulfil our role as destiny has set out for us by the Lord Himself.

2. We should write the vision: Habbakkuk 2:2, because the written Word must be meditated on day and night: Joshua 1. This is the sure pattern for success.

3. We should NOT BE DRIVEN by circumstances, but be GUIDED BY THE SPIRIT. Being LED is better than being DRIVEN. We make silly mistakes if we are driven…we go aimlessly around life making a chain of errors in judgment.

4. Our purpose is our provision. This means our PROVISION COMES OUT FROM OUR PURPOSE…the more purpose we speak and preach the more PROVISION FLOWS TO US.

I believe these 4 guidelines make for us keys for success. Joseph had wisdom in crisis days, and God used him to sustain whole nations. Today is no different, we can sustain a new Kingdom economy using spiritual laws founded in the Word of God.

Never before, does God call as in today to follow Him, denying of our wants, and providing our needs. When we understand the difference between our wants and our needs…the frustration and the strife leave us completely.

So let us focus on our vocation to SERVE HIM!

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