Get out of the boat: Matthew 14

The Lord is not subject to nature or circumstances. Jesus invites us to join Him in that dimension. For this we must get out of the boat of our comfort, of our thinking. The boat is the natural dimension.

The boat is what is normally the transport over water. But Jesus presents us what is supernatural. He wants us to get away from we naturally think we should do. We should get out like Peter and challenge our faith. Challenge your faith today.

1. In financial crisis, defy the tendency to not give but sow.
2. In a disagreement the tendency is to defend and break relationship but make the first step to bring reconciliation.

defy the tendency and make a trend. Challenge your faith. Go against what is natural and normal. Going into the supernatural is leaving that behind and trusting Jesus’ invitation: come.

Defy all laws, and step out of your boat!

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