Culture or spiritual revival

We readily desire revival…on our own terms, in our own fashion…

We see emotion its a revival, we see people falling backwards…we say its revival…we see hype, we say its revival, we see a drum solo and we say its revival…

We are forever looking for that “click”, that will bring the masses, and the fame…we look for our own giving to go up…

We make a culture called “revival” based on a lot of emotion, outbursts of spurious behaviour and say its revival. We keep up students from sleep into a hallucinatory state, and say its revival…

The “culture” is not revival. There is little revival.

Revival is when we give up the growth and fame strategies, give up the selling of the “anointing.” When we literally GIVE UP! When we face head on, our desperate condition.

Revival in its pure sense is REVIVING what is dying…and we’re dying all right.

There is hope, in humility (2 Chronicles 7:14).

There is hope, in prayer.

There is hope, in repentance

There is hope, in dying to self.

Spiritual revival is desperately needed today to prevent apostasy.

Join us in this quest!


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