Do not despise the Day of Small Things

Zechariah 4:7
The Lord made me remember how the Welsh Revival started. This is a first hand account. Many focus on Evan Roberts in Loughor. But a little known youth group there in the church was swept down by the Spirit. Revival broke out amongst the young people.

The leaders wanted to know what to do. They called a man who had prayed over 12 years for revival. He came and rejoiced at the revival. From this small beginning came 100,000 souls to Christ in one of the most powerful revivals of all time.

The embers spread to San Francisco and Los Angeles, to Azusa Street and to many other places.

The Lord is looking to ignite the revival. But where? Who knows if a youth meeting or children’s meeting will be the place the Lord chooses.

In 1949 God chose a barn in Barvas, in the Hebrides. Who would ever know that a small company, two old ladies in a small cottage, would ignite a whole Island for Christ.

Jesus was born in a stable. So all divine beginnings are small! Let us be small and humble that He may come and ignite a world revival. Are you ready? God waits for you!

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