How money can mould

Money is the source of the crisis we are now living. I know that we ministers are suffering the crunch more heavily.

We desire to focus on our ministry, our calling. But bills and responsibilities do not wait on our faith, they wait on our fulfilling our duty.

Our motive to advance in vision may be dictated by the support we may have or may not have. Our abandoning ministry as a vocation is not that God failed but because not enough support is given.

What about our partners? More and more governments are cutting salaries, cutting benefits, raising taxes, and suffocating the worker, obligating them to work longer hours and cut back on Word study time and energy for prayer.

My friends, many times after a hard day of website work, contacts, counselling, I sit on the sofa, find myself completely asleep of exhaustion!

How much more our partners! money is moulding our lives. Jesus called it Mammon! It is an evil thing. It needs to be broken.

It is broken by putting the Kingdom first.

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