The Challenge of recycling intelligence

The last few days I have been in training workshops, right now just taking a coffee before the last half hour. Now we have WordPress on computers, now also on Mobiles. This means I can post anywhere at anytime.

I have got to thinking that ministry sometimes closes us in at home, in the car and in the Church. But being with others is good. I have just felt recently, that we need to recycle our knowledge on using new technologies. For example I am getting myself referenced with mobile website technology as I am convinced that this is the way to go. LAPTOPS are getting smaller, and my mobile has already an office suite installed.

This means more and more larger equipment is less mobile which for the consumer is bad news!

Portugal has a massive crisis, financially and structurally, but there is one industry that feels none of the crisis, mobile equipment and the mobile phone operators. There are 3 of them officially, TMN; Optimus and Vodafone. Vodafone being the largest. So if anything, if we want a niche in the market, it has to be mobile.

Our Christianity also needs to be more “mobile friendly” and not hanging onto older methods. The one thing we cannot lose sight of is the Word. The principles are timeless. But the application must adapt, and younger people challenge us in this. One thing we cannot do, is take around with us over many years of spiritual baggage, rather we do what Paul did, he threw off what was behind and used all opportunity to reach the prize that Christ was.

How much more, we must recycle our intelligence or be in risk of losing out our niche to communicate the Gospel.


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