Portugal alert

I wrote on my status about the risks we are facing here in Portugal. Portugal is a nation prophesied by many accross the nations as a place which God will use as a catalyst for revival in Europe, there is needed a network in agreement for this to take place.
At this moment the socialist government of Jose Socrates is in grave trouble. The external debt is enormous, the economy has stagnated and in 2 years of a minority government has meant the loss of 30,000 companies and small businesses. And we have 10% unemployment level registered with the government. The Budget for 2011 is now on the table and opposition parties fear a recession and threaten to reject the Budget. In this case the Prime Minister has said he would resign.

The main opposition party PSD cannot present a confidence motion in virtue of the Presidential elections in January 2011.

All this to say that life on the street is so difficult with a 5% drop in small salaries, salaries here being 40% of the equivalent jobs of Europe. The average pension is of 200euros.

It is urgent that we take the example of Nehemiah, who saw the city in ruins wept and prayed before the Lord, and God gave him favour and all to restore.

It is time for the church here to repent for divisions and sheep stealing. It is time to love this nation as God does.

Portugal Impact! Ministries aims to aid the Church here. I was sent 15 years ago with the promise of a revival and a Europe wide revival. The time is right, when everyone is seeing that socialism is failing.

So pray for us, and let us cry out to God for Portugal and the nations. Let us be the Nehemiah of our day.


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