Why care about Portugal?

Why Care about Portugal?

This is a statement common to all of us. Today why should we care? I work myself to death to care for my own, why should I care about a nation that I have never been to, or heard of?

This question is a symptom of modern society. Modern tiredness, apathy, and plain resignation.

First of all, God never takes us to where we know, He takes us to the unknown.

Personal Example

I was called to Portugal in 1990, I was getting ready to leave my home, after my own father passed away for cancer. I was challenged by a friend of mine to make the choice, a man that was not so conversant with my faith, yet all the same he challenged me to make my decision. I left 7 weeks later, under a cloud of misunderstanding, but knowing that my own decision to follow God despite everything would pay off. I went to Brixham, and there I went with the promise that He would show me a nation. He did, He showed me Portugal. He gave me a promise of revival, the transformation of a nation. I did not know Portugal, nor ventured out of Britain, yet it was the first nation that I was to set foot in outside my own.

What stirred me? The Lord stirred me.

The Lord is wanting to break His heart in ours for the nations.

In 1998 Samuel Doctorian published a message about the 5 angels for the 5 continents. Portugal is mentioned for famine.

In today’s national newspaper, it is mentioned that many families here due to a massive recession, massive cutbacks in social help are going hungry.

Even Pastors are going hungry, because their flocks are going unemployed and not everyone is entitled to help. If they do not have family help, they simply starve.

The government is forcing new tax laws, new toll roads, without parliamentary consensus. The political system is in a real mess, the country teetering on the brink of bankrupcy. The budget for 2011 is threatened with a rejection by opposition parties, and there is talk of the socialist government falling. This government is a minority government that rules like it has a majority. The people are tired and are angry at the way that we have had 3 major adjustments to the economic budget and the people most poor are being affected.

It is time that a “Nehemiah” call goes out. It is time to feel…to break our hearts over the state of our nation. I am not Portuguese, but God has birthed this cry in my heart…I am tired of seeing the same old divisions, the same spiritual apathy. It is time to see a people rise up.

In Kathie Walters’ book; “Bright and Shining Revival”, she cites that the people of Hebrides became burdened over the state of the islands, spiritually. They entered into a covenant with God, and God revived the Church and saved the island. That is the key that God revives the Church and saves the nations! That book always stirs me profoundly.

The answer is not socialism…not politics…no, it is a change of heart. Jonah prophesied, the king of Nineveh repented and God saved a great city. How much more a nation!

Wales, a hard place…changed forever in 1904, and over 100,000 souls saved. Prisons emptied, courts closed, and police were out of work. What a heaven! All because God took the hardest class, and brought them to the glorious Gospel…miners.

The glory and Presence of God was so great in the Church that people fell in the streets under conviction of sin! How much more is this needed today with all of our distractions. I do not care how the revival comes, even with all of its errors and imperfections, but may it come!

Why care for Portugal? Because God stirs you to care. Because in sowing into the nation you may reap revival in your own country.

Recently, a man from New Zealand, Ian Johnson, stirred for Portugal right on the pacific rim, prayed for Portugal. I am sure one day he will reap a harvest here. God stirs you no matter where you may be.

Why care? Because God cares! Because He sent His Only Begotten Son. To die for Portugal that she may live again.

God has prophesied through His Prophets that a revival fire will start in Iberia (Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Gibraltar) and spread throughout Europe. May we invest ourselves in that prophecy and believe it.




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