Activation School of Spiritual Technology

This new project is:
1. Mobile for the Churches
2. A new niche in Bible and Ministry Training.
3. A new accessible way to train believers to reach their full potential.

The Lord is no longer just anointing the few into ministry but is now coming to visit a generation, bringing all into a new dimension of Christian Living.

The vision of the Project
1. Awakening a desire for a new approach to Bible Study using new and inspirational approaches.
2. Modern Life demands a new approach to spirituality.
3. Modern Life demands a new approach to ministry.

The charismatic church in some part has produced a superficial type of Christianity. Much of the reflection. Contemplation, and devotion has gone, replaced by a message of instantaneous blessing, a life full of activity but no contemplation.

This school approaches the modern day with a new approach.

Some faculties:

1. Awaking the spiritual gifts
2. Creativity
3. Ministry and Technology
4. The role of worship in modern day living.

Please contact for more details.

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