Russell Durose

I am a minister in Portugal.



AIM: radurose


I am writing to you on a long journey. Train journeys are good. Surrounded by ministers, prayer. What I have noticed since I am here, is that a new revival is here, a new leadership generation. The Lord has moved mightily these last 2 weeks. Pray for my return to Portugal for a short season. […]

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Why care about Portugal?

Why Care about Portugal? This is a statement common to all of us. Today why should we care? I work myself to death to care for my own, why should I care about a nation that I have never been to, or heard of? This question is a symptom of modern society. Modern tiredness, apathy, […]

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Operation Nehemiah

I received this from the Lord. The Lord wants us to receive DETERMINATION! THE DETERMINATION TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.   The Lord highlighted to me the importance of Nehemiah chapter 1. Nehemiah had never been to Jerusalem, but what he heard moved him to prayer and fasting. You do not need to be in a […]

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Portugal alert

I wrote on my status about the risks we are facing here in Portugal. Portugal is a nation prophesied by many accross the nations as a place which God will use as a catalyst for revival in Europe, there is needed a network in agreement for this to take place. At this moment the socialist […]

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The Challenge of recycling intelligence

The last few days I have been in training workshops, right now just taking a coffee before the last half hour. Now we have WordPress on computers, now also on Mobiles. This means I can post anywhere at anytime. I have got to thinking that ministry sometimes closes us in at home, in the car […]

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New site

We have now got a new site domain which we are focussing on Impact! Please see: We are renewing it from the old format, with a new name, and new design. We hope that in one month it will be up and fully interactive.

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How money can mould

Money is the source of the crisis we are now living. I know that we ministers are suffering the crunch more heavily. We desire to focus on our ministry, our calling. But bills and responsibilities do not wait on our faith, they wait on our fulfilling our duty. Our motive to advance in vision may […]

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Do not despise the day of small beginnings: part 2- foundations

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Do not despise the Day of Small Things

Zechariah 4:7 The Lord made me remember how the Welsh Revival started. This is a first hand account. Many focus on Evan Roberts in Loughor. But a little known youth group there in the church was swept down by the Spirit. Revival broke out amongst the young people. The leaders wanted to know what to […]

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When God waits…

when there is no revival is because God is waiting for us… When we wait on Him He will revive us. The day of salvation is now, and so is the day of next message today will be very significant, as it is called “DO NOT DESPISE THE DAY OF SMALL THINGS.”

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