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The Challenge of recycling intelligence

The last few days I have been in training workshops, right now just taking a coffee before the last half hour. Now we have WordPress on computers, now also on Mobiles. This means I can post anywhere at anytime. I have got to thinking that ministry sometimes closes us in at home, in the car […]

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Alicante Meeting 27th/31st October 2010

This meeting is promoted by the ICCC, on and I shall insert here the official brochure, readily made available by them. Please pray as I feel that this meeting is going to be a key gathering for countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. It is going to be a time when new […]

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Protected: Expectations

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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This time has been the most heart searching and heart rending in many ways…I do not know how to express what I am going through, but we take people for granted at times when they are here, but when they are sick, or absent from us, do we value them. I am sat away from […]

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Isaiah 62: Message 2 The Gentiles shall see

Isaiah 62:2 “And the Gentiles shall see your righteousness;” The mystery unfolds in this second message on this wonderful chapter of the Prophet Isaiah. The Lord opens out a new mystery. The unthinkable. The inclusion of Gentiles in God’s covenant. Only Isaiah and Simeon glimpsed this eternal mystery. If I am correct. Simeon is the […]

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The Jerusalem that needs to be established and Zion. Isaiah 62

This is the second time I have written this, the program blocked up..such anointing, such visitation. And boooommm was gone!!! My wife was doing a message for my inlaws on Isaiah 62, when I was out resolving problems. But I began to be drawn by the Lord to the passage myself having been told what […]

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Compare the Fruit of Faith of Abraham and the Fig Tree of Mark 11

I have just come out of a battle. Indeed, today has both been tough, and sweet. I went with my son to the park with the school. Some news came in that made me go out of the ordinary into the supernatural. Indeed, there are so many mysteries in this life that only the eyes […]

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Grasping the dimension that Abraham walked in

I was studying Romans 4 yesterday. Posted here last night. Today I had an experience hard to explain, but I can only explain it as being the sensation that for moments heaven touched the earth. I then turned to Romans 4 then into 5, in that I began to hear the Lord speak to me, […]

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Higher and Revealed dimension

Today I had gone into Romans 4. I was not prepared for the depth of the visitation that was afforded. It was awesome!!! I tell you. What we see is faith. The promise being passed from generation to generation by prophetic transference. The seed was given to Abraham in strategic encounters with Yahweh. It is […]

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Europe: a Prophetic view

Dear all, This is a very urgent post, one I am feeling in my natural self as well. Many here are Americans and maybe not aware of the major shifts in Europe now. Starting with the UK, we have a major explosion coming as the deficit in the UK will far outweigh what happened in […]

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