Portugal Impact! Ministries Social Action

It is not good for a ministry to stay with the theory and not do anything in the practical. We were stirred in the last few weeks to have pastors approach me with grave needs in the area of food and gas for cooking. A FAMILY of new believers have their father ill, have no food because the medicines are more than their income. The reason being for this is that pastors are living in grave situations due to the economic crisis that has installed itself in the European Union, over the last 15months consecutively. Mortgages based in the Euribor interest scale are indexed at 5.4%, which is higher than the former highs of the year 2000. This makes mortgages crippling for families. My own mortgage being as high, more than 1 salary per month.

The crisis makes it difficult to pay house, car, and food for families. With this difficulty affecting almost all believers, who many work for a minimum wage cannot pay tithes, not even offerings. Therefore pastors have a difficulty in providing for their families. Jobs are being lost by the thousands. Textiles and almost the mainstay industries are being destroyed by the day.

These are to cite two examples. So what are we doing, and what do we need to do?

1. Provide small and punctual help financially for pastors for emergency needs. (This needs the constant input into our fund).

2. Provide food aid, i.e the basics of vegetables, fruit, tinned stuffs, and many pasta and spaghetti based products.

We ask that you write to me on ephesians4resources@gmail.com for details of how you can help. Thankyou for all your prayers and help that has already been sent.

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