Our mission is one…REVIVAL

We have one aspect of the vision…Jesus restoring His Image and DNA in the Church by the Spirit.

How much we need a HOLY GHOST REVIVAL! It does not come cheaply. I can tell you. It means:

  1. A new approach to prayer
  2. A new approach to sin
  3. A new approach to ministry
  4. A new approach to meetings
  5. A new approach to the nation.

We need the new approach, because the way the Church is now, it is filled with hypocrisy and falsehood. We need a revival…we need the FIRE to consume the dross. Consume all that is fallen in us. In former revivals, there was no Baptism of the Spirit restored, now it is a blessing very often received in Church, but before we can fire up, set fire to, we are put into a “religious box.” Our fire dies.

This ministry is about praying for revival.


Holiness is inviting Christ to IMPRINT HIS IMAGE IN US. Let us seek the Lord together.

Network with us in prayer…

Let us covenant with God…to seek Him until He pours out His Holy Ghost!

If you want to join us, write to today!


  1. #1 by Janice McVeigh on July 29, 2010 - 11:30 am

    Hi Russel, I have just been back to Portugal again..The Portal over Portugal is wide open..Time to go through it.. What’s happening your end? Blessings Jan x

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