Compare the Fruit of Faith of Abraham and the Fig Tree of Mark 11

I have just come out of a battle. Indeed, today has both been tough, and sweet. I went with my son to the park with the school. Some news came in that made me go out of the ordinary into the supernatural. Indeed, there are so many mysteries in this life that only the eyes of faith can fathom.

When I am speaking about the fruit of faith I am talking about 7 different occasions when Abraham sacrificed his own will to obey the Lord.

Then my thoughts have turned today to the fig tree. Jesus cursed it, and I see why.

Whilst Jesus approached the fig tree OUT of SEASON, I.e not fruit time, he had already seen the signs of the lack of fruit, much leaves.

Here in Portugal we have fig trees. And what I see is that when there are a lot of leaves there is hardly any fruit. Then when there is a lot of fruit, there are not many leaves.

This means show. Outward show.

Abraham wanted to raise up a people who believed God like he did. Imagine God gave him Isaac, then he was asked to give him up.
He could have resisted, hung onto Isaac. Imagine that, the blessing turning into a god in Abraham’s heart. How many of us have sought the blessing, when we are confronted to close down projects, or pass leadership to others, if we obey in faith, how much God will take us to a new level. The fruit is love. The fruit of faith is love.

When there is no love, its just show!!! The fig tree was cursed. Dried up from the roots.

How many ministries, ministers and churches have started drying up at the roots. They already have died in the unseen realm of the Spirit!!! They may look alive…they may seem to be standing…but dryness has took hold.

How does this tie into Abraham? Well I found it very curious that what Jesus was trying to show in Mark 11 is that the “church” of His Day had already dried up at the roots!!! I find it curious that the people prided themselves on being Abraham’s children yet lived like Moses’ slaves! I mean the Law was given because the people could not live up to the standard of faith, due to a wicked heart.

What Abraham did was live by faith in the vision God gave him. Obedience and love qualify us to move into God’s closer circle.

Abraham did not live by show, rather, his fruit showed him for who he was, obedient and had a passion to fellowship with God.

How many ministers die alone in their ministry because their activities are like a quantity of leaves and show. God has cursed the root.

How many say they will pray when this is an excuse for doing nothing!!!

Abraham obeyed God in everything. The fruit was love.

When there is love, hope, faith there is everything. There is life! There is God!!!

Abraham showed his faith by his works! His works of love showed his faith.

I see very little today! I see a lot of talk.

I see no faith. You cannot say I have faith! You must show it.

Abraham showed it

1. Left his country
2. Believed in God
3. Met and communed with God
4. Offered Isaac.

Many more things we could say. What makes you a man and a woman of faith? If you are all talk, then you are not exercising faith.


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